Monday, August 11, 2008

Tiny Crush Society Fashion Show Unveils New Line by Designer Dre Rawlings

Dre Rawlings (left) laid out a real grass runway (and bar-top) at Bishop's Lounge on Saturday night (I checked, it was actual sod squares) upon which her models apparently delighted the packed house wearing designs that serve as the public debut of the up and coming designers simply stated and striking garments. This is only a sampling of what I saw, and while I didn't recognize anyone in the crowd (I fancied they were all important buyers from the city...or sure looked that way!) there was a lot of hooting, applause, and "Dre rules!" in the air. I felt like I was totally where it was at but without the pretension one might expect at a fashion show. Addendum: A commenter asked where the clothes can actually be found and Dre says:
"At this point I am getting my catalog together for stores. They can check in at Essentials or Cathy Cross in Northampton and request my stuff. That would actually be great! It is for Spring 2009, so it will be in stores in Feb/March."


Mo said...

Which one is Dre?

Anonymous said...

Fabulous fashions. So where can we purchase 'em?