Sunday, August 31, 2008

More Duaflex Experimentation

I was less impressed with the photos I took today at Puffer's Pond. The ghostly, found-in-a-box-in-the-attic quality wasn't as pronounced. The handful below are before/crop/after shots where I've cheated and added one degree of "Antique" from the iPhoto effects panel in the third step. Judge for yourself. The initial shots in some cases are pretty nice as is. The ones where you can see the Duaflex viewfinder give you some idea of what I'm actually doing I clearly have to take the camera apart and clean up the lenses and the mirror. Does anyone have a tiny philips-head screwdriver?


iris said...

you dirty old man you !!! xo nina ox

Mo said...

Tiny phillips head screwdrivers can be found in eyeglass repair kits. I love these pictures. Love them. Love.