Saturday, March 27, 2010


I haven't written anything here in a month or more. Something's clogged the pipes and I don't know exactly what it is. I've been reading a lot. All at once. Linchpin by Seth Godin, Reality Hunger by David Shields, Love and Sex With Robots by David Levy, You Are Not A Gadget by Jaron Lanier, The Notebook by Jose Saramago, and the new Lapham's Quarterly. This is highly evolved A.D.D. I simply can't just start a book and finish it and move on to the next one. I take bites out of each and then come back to them later. Like one of those cafeterias where you load up the tray with crazy combinations and end up with corn in your pudding. I actually work this way too, jumping from one project to the next. Luckily that's exactly what my job requires. So maybe I haven't felt like adding to the onslaught of words in the world. Reading is the teeter to writing's totter though and I strive to do both in tandem. Get the balance right.
My dream life has been complex and ornate recently. I try to capture the fragments that don't make it off the dream stage to the unconscious backstage area in time when I open my eyes in the morning...those stills from the film that I then try to lay out in front of me in the hopes that they will trigger more complete memories. Offer a chronology or a hindsight storyboard. The emotions I have in my dreams have been more vivid than my waking emotions. It's exhausting to sleep. The dreams have been a little like LOST. There's lots of information and I can't assimilate it. Are these clues to something bigger or just random scenes?
I got a bill from Cooley Dickinson Hospital for an appointment and procedure I never had and doesn't even apply to me but I can't get any answers until Monday and that's unnerving me.
I think I got overcharged last night at Paradise City Cafe. This pisses me off because I don't even like that place. I had a beer with my friend Max there and he encouraged me to get up earlier and start going to the gym. He says everything else will fall into place if I do that. Sometimes living alone there's no one to keep me in judge me when I have ice cream at 2AM or cheer me on to go the gym. I let myself get away with all kinds of bullshit.
I posted this newspaper headline on my Facebook page that said "Republicans turned off by size of Obama's package" and something crazy happened with it. I started getting literally hundreds of Facebook friend requests from total strangers. How does a Facebook post go "viral" and why would all these people want to friend me just because they found it amusing. Lots of them sent personal messages. Some solicitous. One really nasty one.
I'm going to a pot luck in Williamsburg tonight and I'm riding with a friend. I get nervous when I'm someplace and have to depend on someone else for a ride home. It's people I don't know either so they're going to ask me questions about myself. Help! My old girlfriend and I flew to Portland, OR in 1999 or so to visit a married couple who were her friends and I hated being there so much that I feigned illness and hid in bed the whole weekend. The guy decided he wanted to teach me how to make beer. I just wanted it to end. That's how mature I can be.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Playlist for Jim Neill's Jukebox on 93.9 The River -- March 17, 2010

Anais Mitchell/Greg Brown- Why We Build the Wall

She and Him- Ridin’ in My Car

Phantogram- Mouthful of Diamonds

The Eels- Jeannie’s Diary

Joy Zipper- Check Out My New Jesus

Daniel Johnston/Jason Falkner- Is And Always Was

Appliance- Hot Pursuit

Apollo Ghosts- Shaolin Barhop

Young Marble Giants- Final Days

Ray LaMontagne- Be Here Now

Jonsi- Grow ‘Til Tall

Gay Dad- Black Ghost

The Chills- Pink Frost

Lisa Mitchell- Valium

Death Cab for Cutie- Crooked Teeth

Television Personalities- Salvador Dali’s Garden Party

Scritti Pollitti- Jacques Derrida

Miracle Legion- Madison Park

Neighborhoods- Prettiest Girl

Nada Surf- Enjoy The Silence (Depeche Mode)

Cheap Star- Pop Music of the Future

Of Montreal- Labyrinthian Pomp

Miike Snow- Animal

Apples in Stereo- Nanny in Manhattan

Stereolab- Moogie Wonderland

Sparklehorse- Sunshine

Four Tet- As Serious As Your Life

Dif Juz- No Motion

Duet Emmo- Or So It Seems (Wire project)

Boston Spaceships- Question Girl Alright (GBV, Decemberists collab.)

J Mascis- No Good Trying (Syd Barrett)

Tortoise and Bonnie Prince Billy- Thunder Road (Springsteen)

Dan Black- Symphonies

Deanna Storey- Little Person (Jon Brion)

Big Star- Ballad of El Goodo

Big Star- ST 100/6

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Jim Neill's Jukebox Playlist for Wed. 3/11/2010 on WRSI 93.9 The River

Robyn Hitchcock- Do Policemen Sing?
Guided By Voices- Bulldog Skin
Ryan Adams- Burning Photographs
The Who- Armenia City In the Sky
Jenny Lewis/Watson Sisters- Handle With Care
Yo La Tengo- Big Sky
The Turtles- Me About You
Aimee Mann- Could've Been Anyone
Getaway Cruiser- Didn't Know
Jonsi (Sigur Ros)-Grow Till Tall
Jonsi- Boy Lilokoi
The Darkside- Guitar Voodoo
Queen- Long Away
Girl Brothers- Uh Oh Don't Look Down
David Ford- Making Up For Lost Time
Coco B's- Bluebird
Abra Moore-Taking Chances
Pete Yorn/Scarlett Jo- I Am The Cosmos
Gay Dad- Black Ghost
Peter Gabriel- Here Comes The Flood
Lisa Mitchell- Valium
Liz Frazer- At Last I Am Free
Todd Rundgren- Wailing Wall
John Martyn- Just Now
Mark Kozelek- Leo and Luna
David Bowie- Letter To Hermione
James Iha- Be Stong Now
Public Image Ltd- Public Image
Generation X- Valley of the Dolls
Echo and the Bunnymen- Crocodiles
Killing Joke- Change
The Smiths- What Difference Does It Make
Joel Plaskett- You Let me Down
Nada Surf- Electrocution (Covers CD "if i had a hi fi")
Hoodoo Gurus- Bittersweet
Nik Kershaw- Your Brave Face
Lucy Schwartz- Gone Away
Mary Lou Lord- I Figured You Out
The Lilac Time- Julie Written On The Fence
Pink Floyd- Julia Dream
Skip Spence- War In Peace

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Jim Neill's Jukebox Playlist 3/3/2010

Joe Pernice- Moonshot Manny (Spring training)
Lisa Mitchell- Coin Laundry
Magnetic Fields- I Don"t Believe You
The Kinks- Party Line (Ray at the Webster on Saturday)
New Pornographers- Your Hands (Together) (New album "Together)
Flamin' Groovies- Shake Some Action
Richard Hell and the Voidoids- Destiny Street
The Gorillaz- Welcome to the World of the Plastic Beach (new album)
Of Montreal- Labyrinthian Pomp
Scritti Politti- Jacques Derrida
Human League/Groove Armada- Things That Dreams Are Made Of
Candyflip- Strawberry Fields Forever
Joanna Newsome- '81 (New album "Have One On Me")
Taken By Trees- Watch The Waves
Alice Cooper- Generation Landslide
Code Blue- Face to Face
The Neighborhoods- Prettiest Girl
Autumn Defense- Paradise (Mark Mulcahy tribute album)
Dandy Warhols- Boys Better
Neutral Milk Hotel- King of Carrot Flowers
Traffic- Hole in my Shoe
Spiritualized- Why Don't You Smile Now
Green on Red- Gravity Talks
Frank Black and the Catholics- I Gotta Move (REQUEST)
Camper Van Beethoven- God Guys and Bad Guys
Little Feat- Fool Yourself
Rain Parade- I Look Around (REQUEST)
Gustafer Yellowgold- Get Up High in a Tree (No Nap Kids show at Horse)
Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers- The Wild One (Forever)
Roy Harper- How Does It Feel?
Juliana Hatfield- Choose Drugs
East River Pipe- Make A Deal With The City
Roxy Music- The Bogus Man
Rabbit Rabbit- Touch the Winter Wino
Godley & Creme- Group Life
Das Racist- Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell
Heaven 17- We Don't Need This Fascist Groove Thang
Sahara Blue- I'll Strangle You
Cheap Star- Pop Music of the Future

Jim Neill's Jukebox airs LIVE on WRSI The River (or streaming online) every Wednesday from 7-10PM EST (Photo: Bill Childs)