Sunday, August 3, 2008

Alison is traveling around the country in a teardrop

My friend Alison quit her job working for a direct mail advertising company in Long Beach, bought a hand-made teardrop trailer, adopted a 10 year old dog named Maggie, and headed out across America. She's about 70 days in and is spending a few days with me in Northampton. Apparently she's become a living folk legend of sorts. Crossing Masonic yesterday, two women pulled over, rolled down the window and said "Alison? Is that really you?" They had been following her adventures online and recognized her. Alison has been learning life-lessons and making friends all along the way. Sometimes she loops back through weeks later and her new friends/fans put her and Maggie up for the night, though she stays at campgrounds most nights. These two women seemed almost like groupies. They paid me no heed, and I felt like at any moment they might cap my ass, throw her in the car, and leave in a cloud of burnt rubber. What were they doing in Northampton? I suggested that maybe they had followed her based on her travelogue, but she said to prevent stalkers she never puts her destinations online until she's left town. She has gathered a few scary ones on her trip which led to this policy. You can read Alison's travel-blog and see a bunch of photos on her MySpace page or on her own site.

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Alison said...

I am so glad we connected! Thank you for the wonderful time in your city. I know I will be back. :) Your readers can find me at or my space under I encourage them to be my friend. :)