Saturday, August 16, 2008

There's a Frog In The Flower

See it? Right in the center. I was leaving a dentist appointment with the excellent toothtician Barbara Freed, and her husband was coming to visit her and stopped me to point it out. He said he sees it every day. It moves from flower to flower and when flying insects come to do whatever they do in flowers...ziiiiidddddip! Frog food. My teeth are in good shape apparently. Barbara, who's office is on University Drive in Amherst, has state-of-the art dental machinery. It looks like the interior of the ship in "2001", glistening in Mac white. They also take digital x-rays now which expose you to less radiation and are available immediately on the computer screen. Every time she fit the camera into my mouth and threw the switch it sounded like I was getting an email.

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