Saturday, August 23, 2008

Storefront Art Artist Profile: Dana Wilde

Just inside Thorne's Market on Main Street, one of the new Storefront Art project's newest sites, several local artists at a time expose themselves, their process, and their work to the public. Much as the Drive-By Poets project plants a poem, BOING, in front of someone's nose in a laundromat or on a phone pole, Storefront Art is a a delightful speedbump in the path of unsuspecting "consumers" and downtown wanderers. The scene is more raw and "in progess" than a traditional art gallery, an integration of the artist's studio, where the creating happens, and the gallery where the completed works are exhibited. It's a new idea for Northampton, though it's been successful in Pittsfield, and it's exhilarating to see a sampling of what's going on behind the walls of probably thousands of artist studios plunked down within temporarily vacant retail space. Which is not to say the artwork is not for sale! Dana Wilde, this post's featured artist, goes so far as to invite visitors to create their own work within her space. Click on the images for full size.

Dana Wilde's Website

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