Sunday, February 27, 2011

Weekend Stroll through Northampton

CLICK any photos for larger views.

New Retro Genie location opened this weekend on Strong Ave. across from East Side Grill but next weekend will be the grander opening!

The basement at Retro Genie, decoration in progress. I'm feeling Greg Brady and Jack Lemmon at once.

I dream of Retro Genie....
 Comb-over in training.

Bumper sticker philosophies for passers-by...
 ...and passengers.

"Do you have a G-spot GPS?"

Mardi Gras season in evidence at Ultra Gal.

Your photographer at Jake's.

Dick and boob art is unhindered, and in fact enabled, by winter precipitation. No I am NOT the artist. I am merely monitoring the culture in whatever beer-fueled forms it may sometime take.

The Vegan Monologues...

The Roost, a great reason to come over to the other side.

Old time-punch clock for factory workers on display at the Antique Center on Market Street.

Mild Max.

Kate and Beth at the Roost.

Fine arf galleries.