Saturday, August 23, 2008

Who loves ya baby?

I was in Harvard Square on Friday afternoon heading for my favorite bookstore in Cambridge, the Grolier Poetry Book Shop, when I came upon this scene. I should have taken the literature being distributed at the periphery of this congregation of youth under the influence of Jesus, but I habitually refuse anything thrust at me on the street. I have to remember to play the role of the reporter! I have a blog now and I must gather what information is available when something curious or abominable is happening. It took me a while but I finally found something online by searching "GOH 2008 Mission," which is visible on the t-shirts. The video I discovered is at the bottom of the page. No real explanation but really, what more do you need to know? It's just footage of the Jesus Loves You Juggernaut as it rolls across the country. Don't watch the whole thing, really. It's like Jesus Zoom or Mickey Mouse Mission Club.

(Above) Jesus loves you and we will close our eyes to convey this.

(Above) "We are culturally diverse yet we all wear 'the shirt.'"

(Above) But must I kneel like this forever?

"Who's the leader of the church that's made for you and me?"

"J-E-S..... U-S-C.... H-R-I-S-T."

"Jeeeesus Christ...." "Donald Duck!"

(above) Jimmy and Roy initiate a new Christkateer.

A bongo and a backstage pass to salvation!


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