Friday, August 29, 2008

Northampton Three-County Fair Preview!

The fair is on tonight, Saturday, and Sunday at the Northampton Fair Grounds. The Demolition Derby is Friday at 6:30 and again Sunday at 6:30. $10 admission to the fair. Extra $5 for grandstand seats for the derby (worth it). $15 for an all-you-can-ride wrist-band or you can buy tickets if you want to just go on a ride or two. I took a stroll around earlier today before the onslaught to get a taste. It's all about the kids with plenty of low-intensity rides. The Zipper seems like the only real threat to dinner though I'm sure there will be some unwelcome spin-art after the fried dough and soda start to churn and the Star Ship becomes a vomitorium.

Okay. The one on the left.

No one rolling balls or racing pigs yet at 4PM.

The Fly Surf? How about Sky Claw or Construction Mishap?

Ferris wheel. Fe is steel on the periodic table. A FErris wheel is made of steel. This was my pneumonic device for remembering Fe in high school chemistry.

Perhaps the mushrooms and poppies have contributed to the worm's wackiness.

The younger worms have the shakes.

And it looks like the dragons are dizzy from huffin' gas again.

Heather and one of her mommies.

Step right up!

Assorted videos below. Play them all at once for full effect!

(above) The Human Lettuce Spinner

(above) The Bungee Pentagram

(above) The Wacky Worm with death defying...15 foot drop!

(above) The Vomitorium empties, The Zipper zips (with complementary tetanus shot)

(above) Rescued from the Ball Pit by mom!

A previous demolition derby at the fair. Rules dictate you can back into each other; no frontal hits.

Here's how Franklin County rolls. Great Greenfield Demo Derby Documentary...sorta.


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Life is like a ride on the Wacky Worm.

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