Saturday, August 9, 2008

Bonnie's Day Begins at Noon on Saturday

Bonnie enters Garbriel Books to collect this week's "dues."

Mission Accomplished

Farm blow.

On her way to exact payment from other merchants who will pay if they know what's good for them.


Mo said...

Why does she collect dues? What are her dues? Who is Bonnie? What happens if people do not pay?

Anonymous said...

Ignore her at all costs. If you engage her she strongholds you into a very verbose, animated and loud, non-sensical barrage of complaints, vendettas, and virtual disgust for many Northamptonites expecting you to either agree with her or to know who she's screeching about. These are lessons I've learned after trying to be nice and neighborly and have a quick chat. Now I just say "Hello Bonnie" and while continuing my stride exclaiming "Yep, yup, your right I know! Can't believe it other, some people...".
My girlfriend on the other hand thinks she's sweet.