Saturday, August 16, 2008

Friendly Faces, Fabulous Fruit, Luscious Legumes at the Northampton Farmer's Market

Carolyn Oates of Enterprise Farm in Whately diplays a gourd of some sort. (Update: heirloom tomato.) I see Carolyn every Saturday and I get healthier just standing next to her. We worked together a few years back and I was always impressed with her work ethic and vibrant smile, an accurate indication of her energy in general. Sometimes I feel like I have too many layers of artifice between me and the dirt of the earth and Carolyn's just standing right on it with toes dug in. Today at the market I bought some blueberries which go fot $3 a pint. I have to buy cautiously because I often end up tossing veggies that have gone bad before I get to them. Even at my age I have childish eating habits. I'm like a 15 year old left to his own devices eating pizza and wings and ice cream sandwiches. I suspect that if I ate better I could go off anti-depressants. Sometimes I wonder why I'm on them at all. I wasn't clinically depressed but I was curious. What? Pills that make me happier? Sign me up! That was five years ago. Now I see that I am a statistic of the massive overprescribing of the medical and pharmaceutical business in cahoots with each other. Wow, how did I end up on tangent? Anyway, support your local farmers. You're going to have to eventually the way things are going so start developing the habit. The food is so much better too!


Alison said...

Kudos! I love the personal tidbits! Something I didn't know about you. Keep em coming

Carolyn said...

Hey Jim! That's an heirloom tomato, by the way!! Thanks for the local support!

Dan said...

cool blog jim!