Friday, December 19, 2008

Santa Claus Cookies and NohoSnowDome

My mom makes cookies like a madwoman at Xmas. Her Pecan Tassies look like tiny Table-Talk pies filled with bits of pecans. Ring-A-Lings are sugar cookies with a reservoir of raspberry jelly. But the Santa Claus cookies defy orthodox conventions and practices. They are a unique and special creation; the defining essence of the whole cookie tradition. She pierces the tip of the hat so they can be hung as ornaments as well as chomped on.

Northampton at 11AM. Preparing for the slippery sidewalk at Pleasant and Main.

3PM. The storm is big but hardly a blizzard.


Anonymous said...

my mom had the same Santa cookie cutter. She'd bake 'em and we'd paint 'em -- yes, with the raisen eyes and coconut beard. As we got older, Santa got increasingly freaky looking.

CookieCutterHunter said...

I used to help bake and decorate these cookies since I was tall enough to see over the table!! I am trying to hunt down this santa cookie cutter, so far I've only found a 4" that is similar, but I remember these being at least 6" you know where your mother found this? Or where I could find one????