Tuesday, December 2, 2008

David Byrne: The Songs of David Byrne and Brian Eno, tonight at the Calvin Theatre

(Above) Jim Neill, David Byrne, Miranda LaPolice, post-show at the Calvin. It's reassuring to go to a concert knowing roughly what the content of the set-list will be with an artist like Byrne who can choose from so many different styles and eras. Tonight it was some great Talking Heads songs from their most creative period ("Crosseyed and Painless," Heaven," “Strange Overtones," “I Zimbra,” “Houses in Motion,"“Take Me To The River," “Once in a Lifetime,”“Life During Wartime," “Burning Down the House,” you get the idea). The band included dancers ala Twyla Tharp and a host of others including Maria and Jeff's daughter Jenni Muldaur. That's Jenni with Miranda below.
I've been crazy busy with life lately and neglecting blog duties. I will be back in the groove soon.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Man, nice blog. I was lying in bed this morning, reading on my blackberry, and couldn't stop. (reading, that is). Nice photo too. Too bad you're about 4 states away. Why aren't there cute witty talented writer-types like you in the O-H? ~smile~