Saturday, December 6, 2008

Bike Trail Bridge Goes in Sunday Morning

The Bike Trail will run right behind my building. These are shots from about three weeks ago showing the access from the parking lot behind Fitzwilly's. I'll be out early tomorrow morning to capture the cranes lowering the bike path bridge into place. This will change the view down Main Street to Bridge Street dramatically, obscuring the "Boston & Maine" on the side of the railroad bridge. This logo was painted as scenery for the movie Malice, shot in Northampton in 1998 and starring Nicole Kidman, Alec Baldwin, and Bill Pullman.
Above: On ramp from the parking lot to the trail. It deals with the steep grade with a U-turn climb.<- Fitzwilly's that way. 16 Market Street to rear. Hadley and Amherst ->
Directions reference above photo.
Above: The span will go from here (above.)
One last picture of the bridge before it's obscured (above). The bike bridge will be a few feet higher clearance wise than the 11 foot truck eating bridge...but let's hope truckers realize the 11 footer is still right there beyond the new bridge!

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