Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Exile on Center St. - Rolling Stones Tribute Thursday Jan 8th 7PM at the Iron Horse, 20 Center St. in Northampton

It was a Springsteen-fest in 2007 and Tom Waits in 2006. This year the Valley's best musicians take on the music of the Rolling Stones. Each band does a Stones song and one of their own. This should be a blast. The line-up includes: Steve Sanderson (Drunk Stuntmen) and Thane Thomsen (The Figments) and National Carpet and Rusty Belle and The Amity Front and Dave Houghton (Fancy Trash) and Sitting Next to Brian and The Grownup Noise and Jose Ayerve (of Spouse) and The Novels and Henning Ohlenbusch and The Lonesome Brothers and Chris Pureka and The Fawns and Matthew Hebert.

Poster created by Hannah Ward who also runs the Monday Craft Night at The Basement called, coincidentally, STICKY FINGERS.


Jim Neill said...

This comment from my friend Peter Choyce in Los Angeles: The sum total of all the Rolling stones music must include everything made AFTER Exile to this day. that means more than 50 percent of their music has been very poorly written and bombastically executed tripe. The rolling stones are responsible for some of the worst music the world has ever heard,not withstanding SOLO recordx from each of the surviving members.
A ballsy band would pick ONLY the songs written after SOME GIRLS. Very few people in the audience would know what was being played or how such awful tunes could be construde as RS songs, when they, infact, are. I'm sure if you put a RESIDENTS-NEGATIVELAND type deconstructive slant on these songs they could turn out to be much better than the original, that is, as long as they succeeded in not sounding too much like the original. Otherwize no one would believe that songs so awful could possibly be Kieth/Richard compositions, which they are. FIFTY percent of RS songs are very poor "disco sucks" horn laden overwraught garbagey productions. In order to fairly represent the RS, you MUST make 50 percent of the evenings songs this material.

See, that is WHY the Beatles broke up when they did. They did not need to be haunted by STEEL WHEELS in their repertiore.


peter choyce

Anonymous said...

prior review works for me.
why can't people quit when they are ahead?

Caty said...

What a remarkable idea--too bad I missed the Tom Waits one.