Saturday, February 7, 2009

Preparing for Post-Grid Life in the Valley. Part 1 in a series.

It may not be tomorrow, next week, or even next year, but inevitably there will be a time when "life as we know it" will no longer include pizza delivery and chair massages. There's never been a better excuse to learn some skills beyond prescribing SSRI's or writing HTML. Even if the shit doesn't fully hit the fan, hey, now you can make furniture, reset a broken bone, or make shoes out of roadkill.

Self-defense doesn't have to include firearms. You and your loved ones will need to know how to react to threats from unskilled and unscrupulous scavengers at a moment's notice. Best to learn how to kick ass before you need to.
Schools and day care will be unreliable so if you have children you will need to keep them occupied. It's as good a time as any to brief them on the basics. They may need to start breeding sooner than later in this new tribal society.
Let's face it. Stop and Shop, Big Y, State Street Fruit, and Serios will all be cleaned out. So savor your last pint of Chunky Monkey and prepare for the inevitable. Eating bugs. Familiar recipes can be used, substituting bugs for chicken, tofu, or what have you.
The party platter. Get creative with the dips and soon enough your guests will find these critters make for tasty snackin' goodness.More to come!