Sunday, February 15, 2009

Banjo and the Microbus

Notable sights on a Sunday evening walk in Northampton.
This is Banjo despite the vets interpretation of his name as "Benji" on the tag. (Click photos for full size). Banjo is 9 years old and has a congenital bone defect which weakened his legs. His owners have hooked him up with a device that enables him to go for walks. His front legs pull his back legs along with a little help from his moms.
Banjo reminded me of the dog in the overlooked movie "Babe, Pig In The City." Here's an old Siskel and Ebert review of the Babe sequel. You should rent it.
Vintage VW Microbus. My sister drove one of these for years. She had the inside set up like a room and had a "ROOM" vanity plate. The Room was a major party shuttle in the Amherst of the 1980s.