Monday, February 23, 2009

Car hits pole on Main Street

Hannah and I came upon this scene today on the way back from changing over all the posters at the Iron Horse where some vigilant Greg Brown fans were already in line for tonight's sold out show. Don't ask me what happened. I didn't witness it. But I can try to reconstruct it. The owner of the car is not in the photo. I asked the cop where he was and he said "over there" and gestured vaguely toward no one.
A. The dude comes screaming into the parking space and hits ice and consequently the pole or B. The dude looks over his shoulder to back out of the space, sees his opening, gives it the gas and BOOM he's in drive, not reverse.
In any case, he hits the pole and BOOM, the bottom of the pole ends up in the sidewalk looking like a post apocalyptic chunk of the Statue of Liberty that landed in Northampton.
This summer someone drove through the front window of Ultra Gal. It's time to lay streetcar tracks again like they had in the old days.


Mary E.Carey said...

You're a Johnny-on-the-spot!

pinchgallery said...

Jim: Thank you for reminding us of Joseph Campbell.
I remember watching the Bill Moyers interviews with him and noting that Moyers seemed irrevocably changed after the experience.


marginalutility said...

Why don't you just throw our stuff away? When I flyer, what I do at bulletin boards is throw away out of date flyers...
(Haven't been able to do much about our old flyers anyway b/c I've been sick with walking pneumonia. Or, that's the diagnosis I was given today. Walking as opposed to...I know, I know.)

Jim Neill said...

I don't know why the BID flyers seem to stick around for so long. Maybe because it's winter? I guess I just figure that anyone who's going to flyer about a "street" cause in Northampton might actually be on those streets often enough to take down their outdated posters. It makes it look like outsiders have come in like seagulls, dropped their goods, and split. From the point of view of someone who is fully engaged in downtown flyering, that's what people see.