Tuesday, February 10, 2009


If you want to read the Springfield Republican, you're going to need a shovel. Bear in mind the issue inside is from January 27th. Even the delivery truck guy can't be bothered.
Birth. School. Work. Joe's. Death. Monday night Joe's Pizza Society roll call: Jim. Paul. Wylie. Llama. Pizza. Discussions. Black and tans. Mud slides. Repeat.Jen models her dreads. Try Jah love.


marginalutility said...

Many entries back, but in middle school I wrote AYN RAND SUCKS in mascara on my bedroom wall.

marginalutility said...

This is *Caty* by the way. I dunno why it's identifying me by my livejournal name now.

Jim Neill said...

I like your livejournal name! Rand was just another person who had the discipline to write and publish her views which made it easier for lazy people to just point and say "yeah, that."

physhy said...

marginal, you were a prophet! Solicitations for bad Ayn Rand experiences sought here: