Saturday, February 28, 2009

Noah Jacobs. The Early Years.

My nephew Noah is an intense cat. I witnessed him perform complex steps as the only male dancer, surrounded by girls, in a performance two years ago at his dance school in Boston. He must have been but 4 years old. Am I wrong Emily? He would the Nutcracker Suite (McCauley Culkin version) repeatedly and would accurately dance many of the steps in the ballet in front of the television as it played behind him. He's a huge fan of Madonna and Bjork, both very theatrical performers to say the least. When I visit, he'll share bits of trivia about both of them and then walk me through Madonna's Immaculate Video Collection, skipping over the one's he's "not old enough to watch yet." Most recently, on Valentine's Day, we were watching The Sound of Music and he pointed out that in the You Are 16 Going On 17 Dance in the gazebo, Liesl has a barely visible string tied around her ankle helping her stay aloft for a few magical seconds more than gravity would allow. Noah has an annual Saturday Night Fever Dance Party. I'm trying to decide what artist, dancer, musician, etc. I might want to turn him onto next. Any suggestions? Merdedith Monk? Laurie Anderson? Hmmm. Maybe we should wait until he's eight for that.

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