Sunday, February 22, 2009

Albums From A Parallel Universe

Of all the Facebook "Notes" games and lists circulating, this is my favorite. Here's the link. Using Wikipedia and Flickr following several random search steps, you come up with a band name, an album name, and an album cover. Then use whatever graphics program you're handy with to design an imaginary album. Even if you don't have the urge to create some, browse the gallery for some laugh out loud albums that often look as plausible or moreso than actual releases. The fun doesn't stop with the graphics. Many contributors are writing bio blurbs for their bands!
Above album from Scott Coar. Below is my contribution with bio.
Delphinium Hesperium (born Delphine Chunkley) has surprised everyone with her new collection, Thoughts On The Unthinking. Many artists feel tremendous pressure to really deliver on their 17th album and Hesperium has emerged with a winner. This may mark the beginning of a new musical and philosophical direction for the "exterminator's daughter." Following her departure three years back as lead singer of bagpipe reggae combo Jah Plaid, she released a solo acoustic synth-pop record produced by Brent Fumcho (Ironing Board, Blunt Stool) and proved that she had indeed been a key ingredient in JP. Her next three albums only cemented her place in the then newly burgeoning "Regurgitata" scene but after an epic bout with female pattern baldness and a nasty Febreze habit, she took a break from music and became a cross-county knitter, winning or placing in several 10K or longer races. She has foregone albums 5-16 and skipped directly to number 17 and it was well worth the wait. We look forward to her rumored collaboration with Robert Plant.

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