Monday, September 1, 2008

Nohodome Interview with local artist Stephen St. Francis Decky... plus some other local effluvient.

I stopped by Thorne's Market today to get some refreshing and healthy Shutesbury brewed Katalyst Komboucha (Ginger Devotion is the best variety) at Cornucopia and a tiny phillips head at Acme Surplus for the Duaflex camera in case the one Scooter, of The River and the ridiculous(ly) great band Don't, is lending me tomorrow doesn't work. I also finally met one of the valley's best cultural reporters and catalysts, Greg Saulmon of MassLive/Local Buzz and the band The Brass, just outside the Storefront Art project inside Thorne's.
This location, the recently launched project's first, has one week to go before a new retail tenant moves in. (I hear that Obama Campaign Headquarters is moving into the former Dynamite Records location in the basement.) Madison Cripps of Strings Attached was there at his sewing machine working on his marionettes and puppets, as was colorful and Stephen Decky whose characters exist in two and three dimensions and populate a post-Teletubbies dreamscape. I spoke with Stephen for a few minutes, shook the camera a lot, and talked more than he did as I am prone to do. If you're interested in his artwork, check out his truly wonderful website, Werewolf Movie, which includes an example of the film animation we speak of in the interview as well as cartoons and other translations of the creatures that he has birthed. Email Stephen Decky at

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