Sunday, September 7, 2008

Curry and a Crossword: Montague Book Mill Sunday Photo Essay

I've always found a few hours at the Montague Book Mill is enough to lower my blood pressure, break down writer's block, freeze time, and dissolve despair.

(above) Scale model of the old grist mill.

(above) Sandwiches, pastry, beer, wine, groovy staff.

The store's motto is "Books you don't need in a place you can't find," and it claims to have "40,000 books and one waterfall." Housed in a 19th-century former gristmill, The Boston Globe called it "a magnet for bibliophiles from the nearby Amherst-Northampton Five College area." In 2005, the Globe devoted an entire article to the bookstore, quoting the owner as saying, "We're not particularly convenient, we're not particularly efficient, but we're beautiful."

(below) More fun with the Duaflex

(below) My acquaintance Brian says he is immersed in grad school math, the level where trigonometry intersects with art, nature, and the magic numbers of the universe. His wife Jen is a skilled and very kind mid-wife to the valley's mommery.

(below) Books are organized by section and room based on carefully considered themes, subject matter, and where the movers dropped the boxes when they unloaded.

(below) The bathroom walls alleviate the need fo reading material when you go to alleviate the need.

(below) Turn It Up! plan to open a store here in the Paper Mill this Fall.

Hmmm. Beloved _ unt?

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sarah gagne said...

i agree, it's a nice way to spend the day. not too thrilled about that chicken sandwich, though, since i'm a bit iffy on curry. but the nutella and peanut butter sandwich is pretty righteous.