Sunday, September 14, 2008

My mother's friend Marsha reports on Hurricane Ike from Houston.

Hi from Houston!

Thank you for your thoughts and caring! Today is the first day that we have been able to communicate via the computer.

There is a war zone in all of Houston and surrounding areas. Flooding and an inability to get around due to all of the debris continues. The whole city has closed down.

Galveston is devastated. It took a direct hit from Ike. I live on the west end of the island which does not have a seawall. The galveston Bay and the Gulf met each other and so the whole island was under water. There are parts that have drained now but not the west end. In fact it might take a week or more to clear the roads well enough to drive on that side of the island. I feel like I am in the twilight zone!! I don't think there is much left of the west end so I hold no illusions that our house is ok. The media can not send pictures because it is so bad. By the way, Dallas, Tx. received a Cat. 1 hurricane. That is 4 hours noth of Houston. This storm was ennormous.

I am staying with my son, David, who received power and water last night. He lives west of the worst conditions. My daughter, Beth's house and my apartment are without power and water. This is a heavily wooded area where poles and trees are down. Who knows when that area will receive the necessities. The bottom line is my family and Molly(my dog) are ok so I guess the other stuff is just stuff!

Another rain storm from the north just came in so the lower temperatures will be a blessing to those who don't have power etc. I probably won't be writing again jfor awhile. I do want you all to know how much it means to know that you care.

Needless to say, emotionally, this is almost unimagineable and overwhelming. Life will be very busy in a few days!

Take care now and thank you again !

Always and love-Marsha

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