Monday, September 1, 2008

Fire Dancing and Feasting in Florence

Among the assorted Labor Day cookouts in the valley this weekend, Katie and Alyssa and I clearly chose the right one. O'Brian and Meghan shared their lovely home and yard with a gathering of people comprising a smart and creative community that one always knows is there but rarely if ever converges on the same patch of earth. While the guests were various and sundry, the common thread was undeniably the Sierra Grille on Strong Avenue. The boundaries between strangers, already relaxed and natural at the Sierra, pretty much disappeared. The conversation and great food and amazing beers and wines flowed uninhibited. Before the finale, O'Brian ran down a list of the many historical uses of fire, and then introduced fire dancer (and first line of defense at the Sierra door) Solana, who made the best use of the flames all night as all in attendance would probably agree. I forgot that I can't hold the camera vertically for video in a few places but it doesn't detract from Solana's mesmerizing dance. Two vids at the bottom of post.

(above) Solana, Jenna, Josh, Mark

(above) Josh and Jessica

(above) Bob Cilman of Young@Heart Chorus and Northampton Arts Council and family.

Jim: "I'm slamming it but it won't close!"

Katie: "It's not about doing it hard, it's about doing it the right way..."

...said the bride on her wedding night.

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