Monday, September 15, 2008

All poets confirmed for Drive-By Poets reading at the Forbes Library in Northampton set for Wednesday, October 1st at 7PM.

The first of six Wednesday night poetry readings at Northampton's Forbes Library will feature Alyssa Lovell (left), Allegra Mira (right), Jim Neill (bottom right), and Steve Shavel(below left.) The reading begins at 7PM on Wednesday night October 1st and shouldn't last for more than an hour or so. It's free and we have no idea what's going to happen. We're an odd bunch and none of us know each other except for me. We're having dinner this weekend to sketch it out and may have a Drive-by Poets chapbook printed for the evening in a limited edition of 50. But who knows?

Alyssa Lovell is an MFA Poetry student and Occupational Therapist. Her work includes poems in The Dog Pond Review (1991), The Berkshire Review (2006), and a chapter on Community Agriculture in Green Business, Hope or Hoax? (1991). Her poem "American Afterlight" was a finalist in the 2008 Split this Rock Poetry Festival contest for poetry of political provocation and witness.

Allegra Mira writes in Western Massachusetts. She is named after Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's famous poem, The Children's Hour. She is threatening to move to New York on October 1st after this reading. Immediately.

Steve Shavel lives in Northampton, Massachusetts. His poem, "Unh." was selected by Heather McHugh for a Publishing Online anthology. How Small Brides Survive in Extreme Cold on Verse Press is his first book, although it's a few years old by now. Steve is also the lead vocalist and some other things in the band The Supreme Dicks...technically the east coast Dicks. There's a splinter of the band in Silverlake.


ak said...

I will attend.

Anonymous said...

I want a Supreme Dicks show at Sierra Grille as I have an old Baystate Cabaret t-shirt w/ their name on it. "Re-Animate The Baystate" please relay the message.
=Mark S