Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sleeping, dying, or faking.

Sister Emily and son Theo (yes, named after Epstein.) Emily is visiting Northampton from Boston, seeing our friends Naomi and Chris. Naomi's daughter Stella's quotes include: "When people's eyes are closed, they're either sleeping, dying, or faking." --Stella, age 4 - "I pee in the ground and bury it." --Stella, age 5 - Emily went to Harvard Divinity School and of course has parlayed that into... a wardrobe consulting business called Closet Smarts. She helps me thin the wayward herd of clothing that is my closet for free, and shows me combinations I never conceived of.
Main Street moment with cigarette, umbrella, and cellphone.
A delightful office visit from Llama provides a mid afternoon lift.


sarah. said...

HA! that guy with the crazy hair is my friend lucas!

Chuck Marshy said...

Ha! That's my friend Sarah! ↑