Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Recent Shorpy Photo Archive highlights

Above: Before steroids. "World Series, Griffith Stadium, 1925." The headline when it was all over: PIRATES MAKE NATS WALK PLANK. National Photo Co. Click pic (including all below) for full size. Courtey the amazing Shorpy Photo Archive.

Above: Checking out his unit. "December 1941. Enlisting in the Marines. Recruiting office, San Francisco." Nitrate negative by John Collier, Office of War Information.

Above: Before Facebook....or TV. Washington, D.C., circa 1927. "Thomas R. Shipp group, Hamilton Hotel. Atwater Kent standing by radio." National Photo Co. safety negative.

Above: Walk Like An Egyptian. "Madame Lubouska, National American Ballet, 1924." The Russian dancer Desiree Lubowska, whose claim to fame seems to have been the popularization of "Egyptian" poses around 1915. National Photo glass negative.

Above: Zeppelin's first U.S. Tour "Graf Zeppelin over Capitol." The German airship on its visit to Washington in October 1928. National Photo Co. Collection glass negative.

Above: 9/11...1933. September 11, 1933. "New York City views. Looking north from the Empire State Building." 5x7 safety negative by Samuel H. Gottscho.

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