Saturday, July 18, 2009

Ben and Jerry's Redeemed

After I sent my customer complaint to Ben & Jerry's (original post a few posts down) about the absence of most of the ingredients listed on the pint, I opened the second pint, same flavor (Triple Caramel Chunk) and it was LOADED with all the caramel goodness that I could desire. It was as if the first pint had sacrificed its caramel so that the second pint could thrive. There's a societal or religious metaphor here somewhere. I realized that the ability of an ice cream manufacturer to load each pint with a consistent quantity of caramel, fudge, nuts, or what have you, is a real challenge. Even with aggressive blending, there are obviously some areas of the ice cream vat that don't house as much stuff, and if that area is packed into the pint, it's short-changed. Conversely, some areas are dense-packed and they result in the super-loaded pints. My suspicions were confirmed when I received the letter below and a coupon for a free pint. Thanks Ben, Jerry, and the whole crew. You done me right.

Pint two, below, sufficiently stocked.
The nice letter from Ben and Jerry's: (Click to read)

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