Sunday, November 9, 2008

Tearashedivis Yawnawidicus: Bored To Tears.

Sunday! Sunday! Jeeps! Mud! Mud! Jeeps! Sunday Sunday! Mud! Mud! Jeeps! Mud!
Ariel Kotker and Mollie Zanoni's opening at the Northampton Center for the Arts happened this afternoon. Ariel's is "His Room As He Left It." Mollies is something to do with Mummies. Here one of Mollie's creatures watches patrons of the arts enter the gallery.
She can't quite make out what they're saying.
She wants to look at the human girl but is too shy. "Maybe she will come over and view me. Over here! Oh how I wish my beak weren't papier mache'd shut! Damn you Mollie!
"I am a physical representation of a child's drawing in which a head has limbs yet no body."
Pedal Person Marie and the boy's pants from Ariel's installation in progress. Marie makes her own clothes much as Ariel made these, by hand from the ground up.
Ariel Kotker herself (below) was the first one to come across his room as he left it. She's sharing what she knows about the situation so far but she still hasn't finished creating all the forensic evidence so she can analyze it for more clues.
A sudden commotion! Molly's creatures leap from their pedestals and make a rush for the wine and cheese!
A visitor accidentally eats this guys dinner. He rears back to strike as she realizes that this is a taste she has never experienced.
"We're different, sure, but we both feel sad sometimes. Chin up there missy."
Sidewalk find! A six-drawer file for my collage materials.
Food Not Bombs folks at their Sunday feast of bruised fruit , over-ripe bananas, and a steaming vat of tofu surprise.
I didn't take pictures of everything that happened today, but if I had you would have seem a photograph of a young boy outside the gallery slouched in a chair, alone and crying. I asked him what was wrong. He said "I'm so BORED!" Literally bored to tears. I'd used the phrase but never considered it might be an actual phenomenon. You would have seen some shots of Rachael and Jena and I at the Pine Street open studios examining the works of the artists who inhabit this old brush-works building. Like Sally Curcio and Alyssa Krauss and Bob Marstal and so many more that my balsa wood brain has collapsed on itself and the memory of the names. Rachael made a commitment to buy or make art for all her holiday gifts this year. Jena visited some of the local artists whose work she carries at her store Pinch, including Joyce, who works at Pinch and makes stunning "altered books" among other beautiful paper-based work. Joyce and I commiserated on our mutual love of Joseph Cornell. Last night I discovered that this whole altered books idea is a pretty big deal and even has a society. Then lo and behold, I find that Joyce makes them too. I wish I had a picture. I promise to round up some images of her stuff in the days ahead. And tell you Joyce's last name.


ak said...
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ak said...

Jim, thanks for coming to the opening! It was nice to see you.
for the record: if you look close at Birdman, you'll see that his skin is not newspaper. not newspaper at all! no, sir. Hand-drawn.