Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween in the Nohodome-Friday, October 31st in Northampton in pictures.

It was a beautiful night in Northampton on Friday for trick or treaters and pub crawlers. I've identified everyone I can so if you want to help me fill in the blanks for history's sake, please do via comments or something. I realized recently that blogs can span a lifetime and ten years from now it should be pretty fun to revisit these pictures for all involved. Is there enough room on the world's servers to hold this tremedous amount of information forever if necessary? Or will we hit an era of peak server space and be forced to go to war with other countries in a quest for their server space? Mauybe I'm stupid but it seems like we never worry about anything at first. Plenty of oil. Infinite forests. How could we ever over-pollute such vast oceans? But I am on a tangent now so on to the photo-fest.

The slasher flick that launched a genre, ambient video at The Brewery.
Self-portrait under bridge.
Blue turns to Grey. Rachael, costumed as the color Blue, emerging from behind Grey's angel wings.
Sarah Palin and friend.
Someone stuck Palin's classics on her back like "kick me hard" signs.
P.J. Soles in Halloween, her first movie I think. Later played Riff Randall in The Ramones movie "Rock 'n' Roll High School.

Thing 1 and Thing 2.

Jamie Lee Curtis, her film debut as well.Kelsey Flynn, friend, Greg Saulmon, friend.

Solana...a pink kitty in a top-hat? Her mom, Lady Liberty.

Please taze me officer.

Hilary Clinton...Carol Burnett?

The uncanny beauty Eva is Minnie Mouse

Night Nurse on the beat.
John is Elmer Fudd hunting wabbit.

Music... the Final Frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Iron Horse. Its 30-year mission: to explore strange new openers, to seek out new bands and new music fans, to boldly rock like no club has rocked before before.
Apollo Sunshine mixed a lot of Hendrix songs into their late set at the Horse.

Alan and Tiffany at the Toasted Owl.

More derelicts and demons at the Owl.

One of many Dorothy's and Ursa outside Tully's.

If I only had a cigarette.
Sorry this was my last one, Tin Man.
Ah, finally. Thanks Wiz!

The Dynamite Boyz
A doctor, a knight, and a priest all go into a bar. The bartender says....
Jenna and ? and Kevin.

Andy and Edie.

Mama Mia! Me and Maya...Maia?

That's Erica on the right...don't recall her friends. Fun people at the Brewery.
Me and Katie.

WRSI The River's Monte rock and rolls all night, and DJ's ev uh ree day.

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