Friday, November 14, 2008

The Superman Orchestra Live at the Academy of Music. Truckers in Love in the Masonic Lot.

I stopped by the Academy of Music tonight to see what the Superman Orchestra was all about. I'm on the Northampton Arts Council and we awarded a grant to help fund this production. Press blurb: Filmusik: The Superman Orchestra is a live film music project in which seven 1940s Superman animations will be shown accompanied by new scores written by 7 acclaimed composers and performed live by a 12 piece orchestra and voice actors. (Tonight it was the WRSI/WHMP gang: Monte as Clark, Bill Dwight as the man of steel and Jaz as Lois Lane.) The upshot? An hour and a half of onscreen, justice packed action, accompanied by the varied compositional styles and interpretations of seven contemporary composers from across the country, and led by world-renowned conductor Lanfranco Marcelletti. The Superman animation shorts, known as some of the best of the Golden Age of American Animation.

A pianist to the left, the orchestra in the pit, and voice actors Bill, Monte, and Jaz on the right.

The transformation, captured!

Across the street in the Masonic Lot another NAC grant recipient, Lea Donnan, was showing her documentary Truckers In Love, on the side of an 18 wheeler. Actually, a movie screen positioned on the truck. It's a great idea and movie and it will happen again soon. I love this town. Thanks to Tony at In The Valley for the photo below!


Tony said...

Here's a picture of the trucker movie screen on this post.
(just got there as it ended though)...

Bob Neill said...

Two of the items in the Baker's Dozen recordings for 2008 are listed as having "reviews in progress." Reviews are now up:

The Schubert, vol 2:

The Bach Cantatas: