Saturday, November 22, 2008

Maygold Restaurant burns in Belchertown

From my archives, a clipping from the Gazette circa 1987ish. I remember passing the cows when my family would travel to and from Boston; a memorable landmark, and a frightening sight to behold in flames.


Anonymous said...

Jim, great to see one of my all time favorite Gazette photos on the web. My formative years (high school)were largely spent hanging out in the parking lot of "The Cow" here in Easthampton. "The Cow" was our nickname for the Crystal Springs Dairy Bar here in town which one of a small chain based in Belchertown. The shops all sported those giant roof top cows. At some point the Belchertown shop must have transformed into Maygold. Whew! H

Anonymous said...

I, along with many new and old friends, lived across from "the cows" for years at what is now a sports shop. Cool picture. The family that owned the business when it was called the Crystal Springs Dairy Bar were very nice people, a lot of us (mostly UMASS students) ended up working for them. Brings back some fine memories!