Saturday, September 26, 2009

Recent Odds and Sods

Mural detail from wall of Food For Thought Books in Amherst.
Same mural, different detail
Budget cuts have resulted in some DIY style funerals.
Local band World's Greatest Dad execute an extremely clever promotional stunt with a clear sticker placed across the masthead of the display copy of the Valley Advocate, conveniently their Big Music Issue. WGD opens for Mumiy Troll, "the Rolling Stones of Russia" at Pearl Street in October.
Found art, Hallway, 245 Main Street
Jordan brightens up Jakes.
Louie Falcetti's button hits a little too close to home.
ADK at Lookstock, man.
The Unusual Suspects.
Brendan and Tim execute the exploding knucks at Mountain Park in August. We'll miss you Timmy.
The GDP is fine in Norhampton. Gross Domestic Poetry anyway.
North End, Boston, Festival of St. So and So.
North End, Boston. Festival of Saint Whats-his-name.

North End, Boston. Saturday Night Fever.


Jeanne said...

What happened to Timmy?? Would see him at Bishop's Lounge frequently.

pvep-kristen said...

There is surprisingly little information about Timmy. No last names, no obit so far, no details of what happened. The public deserves the whole story.