Saturday, September 19, 2009

Bugs, Breakfast, Beefheart

Dave and I discovered this guy (or gal....or both) on the wall of the laundry room this morning on the way to Jake's for our weekly Saturday breakfast. We're like two old men. I read my Gazette. He reads his Post. We quip and chuckle. I imagine if this keeps up we will be the two old men at breakfast in 20 years or so. When I saw the bug, I got that light quivery feeling, like my veins are shaking. Just stay in the basement whateveripede.
Dan Manson and Steve Vogel conceive the windows and many of the displays at Faces on Main Street. These Musca domestica mannequins are reminiscent of the madness on display at Dan's annual Pumpkin Party which is not a public event but feels like it. I used to program the music at Faces. I think now it's a collaboration of all the employees. I think they got rid of me because of my assertion that Captain Beefheart suited the 15-25 female demo. I stand by my belief.

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Anonymous said...

That insect you speak of is often mistaken for the ungodly,"silverfish",but is actually a common "house centipede".It's still super gross, but no painful bites to deal with. Rest assured my fair Jim.