Monday, September 28, 2009

Northampton State Hospital Photo Galleries

I found the postcard above at the monthly stamp and postcard show at the WWII Club on Conz St. when I went to vote a couple Tuesdays ago. Then I came upon a fantastic website with several photo galleries of the old Northampton Lunatic Asylum here. Sample image of the estate's morgue below.

"The morgue lies in the back of the central administration part of the hospital, and is oddly located underneath the cafeteria if my perception was correct.

The hospital did have a burial ground, and was used from 1856 until 1920. After 1920, patients without families would be used as medical school cadavers. At least 181 people are still resting here, and since there are no grave markers, the grave site was actually rediscovered by archeologists after it closed shortly after a similar burial site was recognized at Danvers State Aylum."

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