Saturday, June 20, 2009

TONIGHT: Best Damn Poetry Show in Western Mass Part II - Plus assorted unrelated downtown photos

Bonnie makes her rounds last night on the mean streets of Northampton.
I just ran into my friend Jeremy from MEF who asked if I was going to the poetry event tonight. I haven't been paying as much attention to poetry lately with a new girlfriend and an ever busier job that I love. It's easier to write poems when I'm wracked with self-pity as opposed to generally digging my scene. I have been most remiss about my Drive-By Poets project, leaving those newspaper boxes un-poemed and free to be plundered by local flyer...ers. I started Drive-By Poets when I was less satisfactorily engaged with the world, and I have to make sure I don't let it languish. I will try to do one a week from now on. Rachael, Diane, Amanda, and Hannah all walked by, separately, as Jeremy and I were catching up. This town is shrinking, socially, ever-smaller like a.... skin around a fine pork sausage. NOTE: I've returned from the event, at least the open mic part (how egocentric for me to read and run!) and I'm including two photos, below. It was fun to finally meet Lori Desrosiers and discover that she's my buddy Gabby Hernandez's mom!
But THEN Kevin (above), who I met at the Forbes Poetry Reading I hosted in October, tapped me on the shoulder as I was unlocking my bike, and tipped me to an event TONIGHT that I thought you should know about:

Best Damn Poetry Show in Western Mass part II
Saturday, JUNE 20th 6:30-9pm
Third Floor of Thorne's Marketplace 150 Main St. Northampton
6:30-7:30 Spoken Word Open Mic (bring your poems!!!)
7:30 - 8PM Musical Interlude provided by Hartt Conservatory graduate group "Little Ugly"
8-9PM Brain meltingly good poetry provided by Ryk McIntyre & James Lindsey

Ryk McIntyre is a co-host at The Cantab Slam in Cambridge, MA and GotPoetry Live! in Providence, RI. He tours often and has opened for Leon Redbone, Andrei Codrescu and Jim Carroll. Ryk has performed at venues such as Boston's ICA, New York's New School and Lollapalooza 1994. He writes regularly for

James Lindsay is 25 years old and lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He writes poetry and reads it aloud when the situation calls for it. More often than not, those situations occur at Boston's own Cantab Lounge. He is an ordained reverend and a one-time champion of Roxbury Crossing's world-famous Champions of Pizza competition. He has heard many good things about you and is looking forward to meeting you.

Then head over to The Basement for monthly comedy night at 8PM with Louie Falcetti!

A wedding in downtown Northampton on a gray Saturday.
A vintage limo awaits to whisk a new bride and groom off to road test their vows.... others are whisked away to their own destinies.
"Thank you God for Roz's Place."
And another communique to God...."God Bless The Freaks" reads the bumpersticker on this hand-painted PT Cruiser
...with window tassles and tye-dyed seats. A mobile hippy brothel?
Live music last night at La Veracruzana
The new back patio of Mosaic Cafe on Masonic. Review to follow!
The Silverscape clock seems to display obscure constellations or perhaps Braille lately.
Jeremy told me my blog crashes his state of the art Blackberry so I'm trying to load lower resolution photos for snappier Nohodoming. I don't want to be accused of being a "slow loader."


iris said...

Hey Jim....that painting of the old folks was a dumpster diving prize I came across...funny how things just fine their proper place...where else could it have gone !!!! Nina

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