Thursday, June 11, 2009

Historical Big Hair in the Valley

Can you help me name these people? Group photo, left to right, #1? Meredith Gottesman (WMUA MD), #2?Diane Pollack (UPC), #3? Solo pics above left; Nina Decker?, #4?. Below, left, Jim Joe Greedy(Pajama Slave Dancers, 8th Route Army), right, "Cowgirl" aka ?
Courtesy Oh No Noho, a Valley arts monthly from the mid-80s.


~PR Blake said...

Ani Benglian in the pajama shirt?

iris said...

Hi Jim, Nina Decker/ Andrews...I was at the "wedding" today....i saw you taking pics...I was helping an old lady enjoy the experience...oh can't remember her name but she used to jam big time on the Big Bad Bullocks....those pics were taken in the basement of Sheehans to get out my hair spray !!! Cheers Nina

Anya99 said...

Cowgirl aka Allison Magee. Hi, Jim, can you guess who this is? Just spent 2 hours chatting with Mike Malone who I recently refound via Facebook & he told me about your blog.

Anya99 said...

ps I think I have that clip somewhere still, too. ;)

jimjoe said...

Hi Jim ,
Long time no see,hope you're well.
#4 is my ex-girlfriend,Jill Nadolny

Ani said...

I can say for certain that is not Ani Benglian in the pajama shirt.