Sunday, June 7, 2009

Gorilla Playing Saxophone With Balloons

My birthday is in August, so don't say I didn't tell you what I want for a party. This phrase reminds me of that simple lined word puzzle solution, Ship Arriving Too Late To Save Drowning Witch, which was used as the title and graphic of a Frank Zappa album as well.
This is a lazy Sunday post. The kind you do when you forget to take your Trazadone, wake up at 2pm, and remember spilling red wine all over the brownies ar some point during the night (which does not ruin them). I was going to do one about harlequin babies but it would ruin your day. I didn't just go off searching for appalling pediatric skin diseases but it's what I found when I was trying to remember what this pattern of diamonds is called. Harlequin. There are so many things people don't even know about. Don't look. No don't. I warned you.

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