Monday, January 19, 2009

Happy Valley Showdown 1/11, Disco Biscuits light/soundcheck, new Fancy Trash line-up, more.

The Happy Valley Showdown, created/curated by Mark Sheehan is in its second year, and I was asked to judge the second week. Week 2 - Jan 11th - Rust Knuckle Raptor, Martin Popst, Drew Hickum & The Colonels, Robert American's Little Brother, Salvation Alley String Band, Bunny's A Swine. Below,the 2nd Week Judges in Judgely Wigs: Jim, Ken, Alex, Jodi, Christian (not pictured).
Drew Hickum & The Colonels- Great songs + a straight read of "Oh Yeah" by The Magnetic Fields.

Rust Knuckle RaptorThe Salvation Alley Stringband played in front of the stage, but only half the house shut their yaps. MARTIN POPST: Members of Us Against The Archers/The Slow Film/ Sue/ and more. 5 acoustic guitarists + 3 originals + The Cure's "Close To Me''.Bunny's A Swine won the night with a blistering set capped with an obscure (to me) Nirvana cover. Easily the best balance of confidence, poise, and stage presence all night.
I didn't get a decent shot of ROBERT AMERICAN'S LITTLE BROTHER with drums by Thrillpillow's drummer James, acoustic/electric guitar explosions courtesy of Jeff Lloyd (Tal Vez), Earl on Bass and Josh Boyle on electric guitar and vocals. These guys rattled the collective intestines of the room and delivered a mighty dorsal blast of rawk...with no rehearsal to speak of.

Dave Houghton and a new Fancy Trash rhythm section played (for the first time?) at the Sierra Grille last Thursday. Houghton is the real thing. I've seen him solo acoustic and with the band and I've never not stayed to the end.
Photographer extraordinaire Oliver Snure. I covet his SLR.
Ariel and I had coffee at the Woodstar on Sunday. I apologized for the misleading (but not insulting!) post (Bored to Tears) I did on her art opening with her friend Molly a few months ago. The title of the post referred to the boy outside who was bored and crying. She thought it was a comment on the show! That is not her art below, for the record.
An empty Calvin Theatre on Friday night preparing for two nights of Disco Biscuits madness.
Trimming and chipping trees on Main Street.


Allyn said...

Hey - I've just discovered your blog and am enjoying hearing about the goings-on around there - and the music scene. Thanks!

Sheehan said...

Hey I just want to formally thankyou on YOUR page! You were an honest and fair Judge, good Sir! Lookout for Robert American's Little Brother!