Friday, January 23, 2009

American Life Today: 365 American profiles. 5 Questions for a different American every day of the year.

You may recall some posts last summer about a visit from my friend Alison Turner (left) who I met when I lived in LA. She had quit her job, bought a teardrop trailer, and set out to explore the country with her dog Maggie. She has a website, American Life Today, that is the product of a simple idea. She asked 5 questions each of people she had met on her trip, 365 of them, and each day, she posts the answers in a profile of the subject. She has informed me that I'm up soon and what better time for me to post a plug for her project. The latest Facebook buzz is the "25 random facts about yourself" that is circulating. This is a more focused version of that idea. It all comes from the curiosity and fascination of a species that just can't seem to get enough of itself. Click Alison or the link below.


Alison said...

YAY, I am famous! Thanks Jim...your love for air sickness bags will be shown to the world soon.... :)

Mary E.Carey said...

What an absorbing blog. It's got me thinking about some future scenarios.