Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What's Happening!!

It's hard to rattle me. I've been through enough fires to have a pretty high tolerance for stress; the proverbial grace under pressure. But the last few days have been testing me. For some reason, none of my emails, dozens of important ones, have arrived at their destinations today...nor do they appear in my SENT folder. There's a demon in the machine and he's waving all my emails down the wrong exit ramp into a black hole. The office bathroom is out of order so we've been going to Bruegger's. It adds a whole new dimension to the use of our "Bottomless Mug" cards. It's been weirdly hot out. Then there's this swine flu which seems to be feeling its oats. This Google "Pandemic" Map has filled up quite a bit since yesterday. There's a lot of rapture-esque shit going on. Should we be buying frog strength umbrellas? The government is lying about "stress testing" banks and about the market being up, or at least distorting the significance. It's an insult and a racket. And then there's the 747 that buzzed New York yesterday to which the response has been essentially, "WOOPS!" Conspiracy theorists on the extreme end are saying that it was another inside job attempt at a 9/11 type event that went (DOH!) awry and the "photo op" explanation was the backup alibi. My hunch, utterly uninformed, is that it was done without Obama's knowledge deliberately (by whom I won't speculate) to make it appear he is not in control of things as sensitive as, say, the airspace over New York City. Or maybe he's not. And why are they saying that when this plane is not being just a regular old 747, it's Air Force One? Isn't Air Force One its own plane? They don't just slap a big "Air Force One" magnet on the side like a pizza delivery car do they? With the plane and the flu incidents is it the population the government is stress testing and not the banks? I feel like Dominique Dunne at the end of the movie Poltergeist when she arrives home to find all the caskets popping up out of the ground and she screams, quite reasonably, "WHAT'S HAPPENING!!"

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Wednesday's Korner said...

Currently, the map is not accounting for the two people in Marin County. If you listen to either Coast to Coast or Alex Jones' show, you'll be convinced that this flu virus was manufactured by scientists. There are others independently thinking this too.

In the coming weeks I am wearing my personal air filter to all events such as film fest screenings and the law school graduation event.