Friday, April 24, 2009

Shu-Fix Makes Me So Very Happy

It's so damn gorgeous outside today. I was walking down the street listening to a delightful voice mail message on my cell phone and then bursting into a Blood Sweat and Tears song at the top of my lungs. Bill from the Elevens caught me singing Good Day Sunshine on the way back. Back from where? Shu-Fix on Hawley Ave. The before and after shots below tell the whole story.
So what if they can't spell shoe. The father son operation is everything you could want in a shoe repair shop. It's like your grandfather saying, "gimme those things, sonny" and heading out to the garage with your shoes, a hammer, and a bottle of rye.This is Miranda LaPolice's tattoo and sneaker. Miranda is my best friend whenever we hang out. We can go months without seeing each other and then pick up where we left off, mid-conversation.
Daydream image of Jena.Katie in the winelight at Sierra.This is a collage I made for my mother on her 70th birthday. She's used to getting confusing presents from her son. "So, what does the fish represent, Jimmy?" "Well, it's pretty much just a fish, I think. I mean, who knows really, but it seemed to make sense coming out of the Victrola after a few glasses of wine and some gluestick fumes, mom."

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Mary E.Carey said...

Great collage. I see there are some feathers hanging from the coat rack if not a cape.