Sunday, March 22, 2009

John and Yoko Torn Apart

When I lived in Hollywood, I was two blocks from the corner of LaBrea and Santa Monica which is approximately where this humungous records storage facility stands. Apple hung a giant canopy billboard for their "Think Different" campaign (which I always argued was grammatically incorrect) featuring John and Yoko. You could see it from all the way up in the hills for miles in either direction. One day the wind tore Yoko away and presented this rare photo opportunity. I had hundreds of photos of my Los Angeles years that disappeared with a stolen computer but these survived as prints.


Tony said...

Pretty cool..!

Mo said...

These are amazing and resonant images. Thanks.

Your post is tantalizing because it makes me - someone who has never been to Hollywood - wish to read anecdotes about what it was like to live there, in grammatical correctness or not. Do tell, fabulous Jim. Such tales would enable some Think Differenting about that *magical* land. Tell tell tell. Take me there.

Which reminds me... we were going to form a giant writing group of two; shall we try!?

Miss Grammatical and punctuational-