Friday, June 17, 2011

"I lied about being the outdoors type." - Evan Dando

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"Steve Snell's Alaska Wild! & Other Adventures in Contemporary Art"

At APE on Main Street in Northampton it's hard not to do a double-take when passing by. This huge painting in the entrance reminded me of the moon two nights ago and this inspirational shirt I saw on Amazon:

This shirt has inspired thousands judging by the customer reviews here.

Here's the deal on the actual APE exhibit after that bit of ....inspired frivolity:

First, he floated down the Connecticut River on a couch boat.  Then he met Alec Baldwin while journeying across the State on a ‘Thesis Quest’ for his Master of Fine Arts degree.  Now, he is back from an adventure to the Alaskan wilderness, and prepared to share with the Pioneer Valley all that he has learned and experienced on these adventures, which he identifies as ‘art’.

Beginning June 17th and running until June 30th, 2011, local adventure-artist, Steve Snell, will exhibit an installation of video, sculpture, drawing, and painting at the A.P.E. Ltd. Gallery at 126 Main St. in Northampton.  This exhibition will feature three separate adventures that seek to explore the mediated and physical reality of American popular culture and the artist’s relationship to it.  Snell has searched for meaning in the mountains of Western Massachusetts all the way to the wilds of Yakutat, Alaska.  He has floated rivers, walked backcountry roads, flown over remote glaciers, and kayaked into distant, pristine waters.  He has found eagles, otters, beavers, CNN, abandoned cabins, lost dogs, kind strangers, Alec Baldwin, and art.  Now visitors can have these experiences for themselves via this mediated installation at the A.P.E. Ltd. Gallery.
A closing reception will be held on Thursday, June 30th from 5 PM – 8 PM.  Then, Steve Snell will vanish from the Northampton arts scene on a new, yearlong adventure into the deep south of the United States. He says he will return one day and claims “you haven’t seen the last of Steve Snell” (his voice slowly trails off).

Gallery Hours for this Exhibition:  Daily: 12-5,  Fridays: 12-8

Visit A.P.E.

A.P.E. at Window
126 Main St.
Northampton, MA 01060
Phone: 413.586.5553
Fax: 413.586-6819

Gallery Hours:
Tuesday - Thursday, 12-5 pm,
Friday & Saturday, 12-8 pm,
Sunday, 12-5 pm,
Closed Monday 

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