Sunday, June 12, 2011

Beneath the Planet of the Return of the Night of The Living Dead's Chainsaw Massacre on Ice starring Lady GaGa and Sarah Palin as Search Engine Magnets

Life in the Nohodome has been in suspended animation for many months and with this post I intend to revive the blog and henceforth post several times a week. The goal is to record impressions of daily life in Northampton, Massachusetts in text, pictures (click for high resolution), and video. A travelogue without the travel. A man on  the street who peers down the alleys. A concierge at large.

The Gang's All Here

  One of a Kind

 Mother's Day 2011

Parting Shots

Fellow Local Blogger Tommy Devine. 
Check out his Cosmos Report.


Max Hartshorne said...

Love having you back Sir Jim great to see you Friday night!!! I'll be reading !!

Max Hartshorne said...

Great to have this back!!