Saturday, July 3, 2010

Northampton Historical Postcard Bonanza!

This view (below) is looking up South Street toward the old Edwards Church at the corner of State and Main Streets and below that is a hand tinted shot from the same era; late 1800's. This church was torn down in the 1950's and replaced with the A-Frame structure you see today, and four photos down. In the middle is a view of the church from Elm Street shortly before it was demolished. Note the conservative hemlines on the skirts of the jaywalking Smith students. Perhaps one of them is Sylvia Plath. The original Edwards Church (of three) was actually built in 1833 on the corner of Old South and Main Street near where Thorne's Market is now, but in May of 1870 the Hunt building next to the church caught fire and took the church to the ground with it.

Below, Memorial Hall with the Roundhouse visble in the left corner and the Academy of Music to the right.

Below, The Academy of Music and two similar views of the old Post Office on Pleasant Street.

Two views of the Plymouth Inn at the corner of Green and West Streets which was demolished. This is now the site of East Heaven Hot Tubs.

Northampton State Hospital, three spooky views. It was also called the Northampton Lunatic Asylum and Northampton Insane Hospital at various times.

Look Park in Florence, below. The view from the stage looking out at the Pines Theatre and the train that still runs the perimeter of the park I believe.

Jack August Seafood at Bridge and Hawley, now the Paradise City Cafe. This was still there when I lived in the area originally in the late '70s.

Below, Green Street, adjacent to Smith College. This was actually an upscale street for shopping compared to the more utilitarian shops that used to dominate Main Street. Its fancy shops were a harbinger of the retail environment that would gradually take over Main Street in the 80s. How charming and innocent The Quill looks. I can almost detect that stationary store smell.
The Great Flood of 1936. The view in the photo below is looking up Pleasant Street toward the Hotel Northampton, visible at the top center. WGBY has some more images here.

The woman (below) on the left is standing across the street from what's now the Hospice Shop and Pop's Liquors looking up Bridge Street toward Main Street.

I think this is the view from the opposite side of the bridge looking down Main St. to Bridge St. and Market st.

Before the Coolidge Bridge was built the Hockanum Ferry was the only way to get to the malls and back.

Look carefully and you'll see a parking ticket tucked into the horses bridle.
Cherry Street off of Market/North Street.
Union Street off of Market/North Street.
Before the helmet law there was the beret law.

The Smith College "Quad"
Skating on Paradise Pond at Smith College.
Good old Rahar's, now Osaka.


Brian said...

Nice collection, Jim. The old Edwards church had its biggest news day when they held Coolidge's funeral there. Not that I attended, mind you.

Anonymous said...

Great post Jim, thanks for the effort. I'm guessing those post cards came from the antique shop on Market St?

Anonymous said...

I demand that the Plymouth Inn be rebuilt. Preferably on the site of the 'new' Edwards Church. A rebuke to the early 1960s.

Western Mass Mama said...

These are really cool. Thank you for being so detailed, I feel like I really got an education!

Eefie said...

I learned something today. Thank you.