Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Lions and Bonnie and Femmes

Gordon Gano (of Violent Femmes) and the Ryan Brothers with me and Sean from WRSI today after an in-studio performance. I am NOT shorter than Gordon. I'm hunched down so as not to obstruct Sean. In February of 1989 I was at a music biz baseball game in San Francisco and I hit, no lie, a grand slam off a Gordon Gano fastball. He said he remembered it well, still bears the scars, and that someone had just asked him about that 20 year's gone game a few days earlier! Why can't I get, just one strike....?

This is obviously the Lion's Club represented by this old firetruck in today's Veteran's Day parade in Northampton, shot out my office window.

Bonnie's ghost cart continues to runneth over.


~PR Blake said...

Why would the Lion's club want to shoot our your office window?

Anonymous said...

Your "grand slam" was foul by SIX FEET. Sheesh.