Sunday, November 29, 2009

C3 Public Art in Northampton

On my way to Northampton Coffee today I saw what I thought was snow on the lawn of the Chamber of Commerce. It was 50 degrees so obviously this was not the case. As I got closer I realized it was plastic cups. Matt Winum was in the process of doing an installation, funded by the Chamber of Commerce (B.I.D.?) and conceived by Commonwealth Center for Change (C3) for the Winter Windows Project. The cups will be illuminated at night. Matt also did the 2x4s and sleds installation in front of Urban Outfitters.
This shot is from Matt's Valley Artshare page.

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adin said...

wow- the 2x4s and sleds seemed so Urban Outfitterish- I suspected it was a designed marketing scheme from an office in yahupatzville.

Still not sure if I don't fancy it, or the Artiste precisely found the context of the site.