Sunday, May 31, 2009

Time, music, injuries.

This guy Felix (right) is a time traveler who slipped through town briefly on Saturday, accompanied by his space/time sherpa Roger (left).
Below, sidewalk selections at Turn It Up, where CDs soldier on as a viable source of music. The store is the one true music hang-out in town, where you can run into fellow music freaks and talk unabashedly about Mr. Mojo Risin' being an anagram of Jim Morrison, the Velvet Underground being the title of an old pulp novel, and Cat Stevens songs that went on to be covered by the Tremeloes and then Yo La Tengo. They have a shop up at the Montague Book Mill now too.

Injured vet. No benefits. This is his daily post.


Anonymous said...


If he is indeed a veteran, then he is entitled to benefits--every veteran in Massachusetts is entitled to benefits. He should see Steve Connor, Director of Northampton's Department of Veterans' Services.

Alison said...

I see elvis!

Jim Neill said...

Alison. Elvis is everywhere, as Mojo Nixon has asserted in song.